Loretta Breuning has written another brilliant article, revealing the source of our hypocrisy.

The pressure to be a social justice warrior, without any scientific evidence that our efforts are working, has become so universal in academia, especially in the social sciences, that we have come to believe that we are inherently virtuous and others the evil ones responsible for our misery. The anti-bullying movement is so incredibly popular because it confirms our irrational but comforting belief that we are the good ones and they are the bad ones.

As I often say, "The reason the anti-bullying movement is so popular is the same reason it is failing so dismally: everyone thinks the bully is the other person."

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Hmmm... I haven't found people to be generally in denial of what you say about people trying to meet their natural, selfish needs. Of course we try to get our "happy chemicals" in selfish ways, as determined by human nature, but since we understand this, we can try to do better and meet the needs of all of humanity instead of just ourselves.

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